5 Tips for Small Businesses to Lower Technology Costs

Few of us can afford the latest upgrades to our every device. But not only can small businesses lower their tech costs, they can even use technological advances to save money overall. Daren Boozer, CEO and President of NCC Data, tells how.

1. Educate Your Employees Online

Lack the budget to send employees out of town to a conference or training? Avail yourself and your employees of the endless online courses available for a fraction of the cost.

2. Let Employees Work from Home

Save on overhead by letting employees work from their home offices. They may be so grateful they work twice as hard. Skeptical? You can use technology to monitor their actions and productivity from afar.

3. Teleconference

Assemble the gang via teleconference. It’s cheap, easy and requires no special equipment.

4. Adopt VoIP

Make free calls with the internet using Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. Depending on the system you adopt, you’ll have to at least pay an initial start-up cost, but VOIP will quickly pay off in the long run. Our sister company, NCC Technologies handles VoIP implementations.

5. Re-Negotiate Vendor Contracts

Very few contracts are ever set in stone. Many technology vendors rely on a competitive sales force that are weighted more towards getting the sale than losing out on commissions. There is always a time to re-negotiate technology vendor relationships: downsizing, upsizing, worker layoffs, employee growth and more. Meet with your vendors and cut technology expenses to save money in the long term.

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