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Case Study: Prosper, TX- Part 2

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Part 2 of our Case Study for the Town of Prosper, Texas.

In our last post, NCC Data was called in to help solve crises of network security, data integrity, and other struggles for the town of Prosper.

After an initial assessment and after meeting with Prosper’s Town Manager and Finance Director, a phased plan was put into place to stabilize & increase performance across the Prosper network:

  • Prosper’s New IT Department – NCC Data assumed the role as IT Department for the Town of Prosper by assigning a team of Engineers & Technicians to support every aspect of the IT Network and providing a 24/7/365 proactive approach to network management- meaning the team would identify and prevent issues before they happened instead of only fixing them after the fact.
  • Productive & Efficient – NCC Data provided a dedicated team for Prosper employees to obtain help for anything from Desktop Support and Network Printer issues to Server Virtualization and Hardware Refresh Cycles, increasing network uptime and increase productivity across all of the town’s departments.
  • Data Consolidation & Backup – NCC Data implemented a new SAN (Storage Area Network) as well as an offsite/online backup solution in order to provide an efficient way to recover from network or natural disasters.
  • Lower Costs – By outsourcing IT services, Prosper was able to save the cost of hiring at least two full-time employees to manage the network.

NCC Data accomplished great things for Prosper- imagine what we could do for your business. Our team of experts can help rectify inconsistencies, identify security issues, and consolidate servers for maximum efficiency- give us a call to discuss the impact NCC Data could have on your IT needs.

Case Study: Prosper, Texas

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Consolidating & Optimizing IT Infrastructures to Improve Performance and Productivity

Prosper, Texas is a suburb of Dallas and the home of just under 3000 people. Incorporated in 1914, it was named The 5th best suburb in Dallas by D Magazine in July 2010.

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in North Texas, Prosper is constantly facing new challenges when it comes to increasing network uptime and helping its employees be more productive and efficient- all while building an infrastructure that will remain current and preventing over-spending in tough economic times.

The Problem

Being a rapidly growing community requires attention to detail when planning for the future. This is especially true when bringing municipal departments together in order to share data and resources while maintaining an efficient IT infrastructure. The Town of Prosper was struggling with:

  • Connectivity between Town Departments – Inconsistent data links between buildings or departments limited productivity and resource sharing.
  • Migrating from POP3 Email to a Virtualized MS Exchange solution
  • Multiple Domains – Each Prosper department was independent from each other, causing multiple domains and enormous user profile issues.
  • A requirement to begin an entirely new 911 Dispatch operation necessitating in-depth IT assistance.
  • Data Integrity & Data Sprawl – Backups were inconsistent and often corrupted
  • No effective support – Inconsistent response times and a reactive approach to support was hindering productivity
  • Hardware & Software Inconsistencies – Multiple hardware platforms and out-of-date software applications caused server crashing and application issues
  • Network Security – Enterprise level security was out of date or left gaps making the system vulnerable to attacks from outside AND inside the Prosper network.

Come back on Wednesday and see how NCC Data developed solutions to Prosper’s security and connectivity issues.