Proactive or Reactive? What’s YOUR Approach?

Too many times  you call a network security and managed IT firm like NCC Data because you’ve already experienced a catastrophic data loss or a devastating security flaw. Anyone paying attention to the news lately has heard about Sony’s widespread data leaks, with hackers stealing 100 million user accounts’ worth of user data. Trying to fully rectify a breach like this is as if you’re trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

The problem with a break-fix approach is that breaks and breakdowns mean serious costs and downtime for your network, plus security breaches can cost not only your privacy, but user data and your customers’ trust as well. Data can be recovered, but you might never get that trust back. Taking a proactive approach reduces risk of downtime and data loss while preventing privacy breaches and hacked networks.

Automated network monitoring tools allow the NCC IT Consultants to effectively:

  • Review the health of all of critical systems
  • Measure performance at the highest levels first, then look lower within the hierarchy for underlying problems. In other words, treat the disease rather than the symptoms.
  • Improve IT staff efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness by using management tools common across all platforms and applications
  • Mitigate risk and minimize human errors by providing intelligent automation of repetitive tasks and responses
  • Optimize business performance by identifying and reacting to issues before service levels are impacted and by utilizing proactive notification mechanisms
  • Support business priorities by enabling business-driven problem resolution and IT resource allocation
  • Accelerate business growth by utilizing industry-leading solutions that can be integrated with other processes

A break-fix approach never fully fixes anything. Prepare for the worst by hiring the best- Call NCC Data today!


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