Cloud Server Hosting

NCC Data, top-ranked in the Dallas-Fort Worth IT industry, adds cloud server hosting to its range of services. Cloud server hosting can help companies reduce costs, streamline document management, and maintain autonomy.

Cloud server hosting by NCC Data eliminates the need for additional hardware and storage space at your physical location. Your business information, documents, and applications are hosted remotely through the cloud to save you time, space, and money. Consolidate resources and increase productivity with a cost-effective cloud server hosted by NCC’s team of professionals.

While NCC Data may host your company’s cloud, it is still your cloud. Customers have full access to their data and control of the cloud platform. The high availability factor enables a higher capacity for efficiency in the workplace. Allowing NCC to host your company’s cloud, frees you up to get work done economically as well. Downtime is minimal to non-existent, compared to the regularly scheduled back-ups and maintenance that can occur on your own servers.

Cloud Server Hosting Benefits

  • Security
  • Server maintenance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Managed back-ups
  • Centralization of services and products

NCC Data is highly regarded in the areas of managed network security, asset management, and infrastructure optimization. Allow us to continue to impress in the area of cloud server hosting. Our IT specialists are trained to anticipate vulnerabilities, prevent security attacks and restore files zapped in technological disasters.

Contact NCC Data to discuss the benefits of cloud computing for your business. We proudly serve North Texas as one of the top independent IT solutions companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.