Cloud Storage Services

Remote Yet Accessible Storage of Critical Business Data

Committed to quality, reliability and integrity, NCC Data has become a leading independent IT services provider. We take these tenets a step further with our innovative cloud storage services. Our customers can put their full trust in NCC Data’s cloud storage services to manage even the most sensitive digital content.

Cloud storage gives our customers peace of mind. Back-up tapes and other traditional data storage solutions require physical storage space, staff administrators and a strict back-up schedule. Cloud computing involves none of these factors, making your workplace less stressful.

Cloud storage through NCC Data streamlines and simplifies a variety of challenges that many businesses face:

NCC Data’s cloud services include:

  • Remote storage: No longer do you need to manage multiple storage facilities for branch offices or off-site locations. Cloud storage acts as a single, centralized storage facility.
  • Archival and back-up services: Data is backed up and archived seamlessly through the cloud, but is always accessible.
  • Increase in demand: Need more storage space right now? NCC Data’s cloud can handle additional storage requirements during times of peak demand.
  • Recovery solutions: Cloud storage is designed to prevent loss of data, but sometimes the unexpected occurs. Recovery through the cloud is quick and effective.

Durable, reliable, and user-friendly describe the innovation of cloud storage services. The very same terms can be used to describe NCC Data. We are proud to be one of the top independent IT companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Contact NCC Data today to learn how to transform your physical storage space into a web-based cloud.