Disaster Recovery Solutions

Comprehensive Business Backup and Data Protection throughout Dallas-Fort Worth

Preparing for an IT disaster is often not in the top of mind for many small, even enterprise businesses. While disasters are unpredictable, the reality is a disaster recovery plan adds predictable security and backup recovery options, saving a business from greater harm.

There have been multiple studies on the effects of data disasters and many of the statistics are sobering.

93% of companies that lost a data center for ten or more days, filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately. – (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)

While a disaster often seems like a rare occurrence, often it isn’t an act of god (hurricane, fire, tornado, etc.) An independent study conducted by Acronis in 2011, found that human error, unexpected updates and patches, and server room environment issues were more than 60% of the cause for data disaster. Viruses and hardware failures were other leading causes. Disaster isn’t in fact a rare occurrence, many companies estimate system downtimes lasting 2 days happen one or two times a year.

A business without backup protection is taking a gamble on long term recovery and financial stability. Many in the IT industry consider disaster planning necessary, yet many IT departments fail to protect businesses due to higher priorities, small budget or staffing shortages.

What is the Disaster Recovery Plan?

You may be under the false perception, that your team has a plan in place. Often these plans fall short of full security protection. A disaster recovery plan includes a backup of email, data management, dedicated servers, as well as coordination with other departments including accounting, human resources, and marketing. It is a full company backup, preventing a loss and creating a speedy recovery in the face of common or rare disasters.

Often, failures are present in backup software and equipment, leading to a false sense of protection, and putting a business at risk for total failure. Once a plan is put in place, many businesses fail to rehearse disasters, check and confirm backups are active, and all data is protected.

Outsourcing Disaster Recovery

With disaster recovery often a common occurrence in a business lifetime, many clients have chosen NCC Data for outside help and guidance. NCC Data’s engineers can work in tandem with existing IT departments, and even handle full managed services.

Disaster planning can be more robust from outside IT consultants since many internal IT departments have never experienced a disaster. In contrast, NCC Data’s network engineers are often called upon during and long after a serious data disaster. The result is a team that has managed disaster on the front lines, added experience necessary to prevent many disasters from ever occurring, and reducing the downtime and recovery following a disaster.

Benefits of NCC Data's Disaster Recovery Solutions:

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery spanning every department, intellectual property, and company information
  • Prevention of more common disasters including hardware failures and viruses
  • Full protection against total disasters with backup of all important assets in real time
  • Fast recovery in 24 hours or less in most cases
  • Customized recovery solutions for any budget
  • Experienced consultants, knowledgeable in every disaster for any situation

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