IT Network Security

Protect & Defend IT Networks from Cyber Attacks

Updated 2/10/2015

NCC Data’s network monitoring solutions seek to optimize, enhance, and predict internal network hiccups. Managed network security actively defends against external threats to company data, privacy, and security.

NCC Data’s team of network engineers implement a three layer approach to keeping business information safely inside your organization before it is ever compromised. NCC Data protects a variety of client networks from security threats: enterprise, mid-size, and even small businesses are all at risk in 2015

The NCC Network Security Program

  • Regular Security Audits/Assessment
  • First level defense (firewall, spam management, anti-virus)
  • Detection of Security Threats

The Security Lifecycle

We make it our business to stay ahead of the curve on potential threats to your network security. Understanding your position in the security lifecycle allows NCC Data to prepare a custom strategy to ensure your business network is secure. Early intervention allows us to be proactive in addressing potential threats to your network.

IT Network Security Lifecycle

Security Audits/Assessment

One of the top prevention tactics in NCC's Network Security program are frequent security audits and assessment of vulnerabilities in an IT network.

An increasing number of security breaches in the last few years, from high profile retailers to small online businesses with the Heartbleed Bug have made IT security more important now than ever. NCC Data’s comprehensive assessment can address potential vulnerabilities within third party applications, communication functions, hardware and operating systems, as well as the overall network. In addition, a security audit with NCC Data finds vulnerabilities within:

  • Trusted sources and internal users
  • Untrusted sources
  • User authentication/permission vulnerability
  • Viruses introduced via external means

First Level Defense

Worldwide Network Security requirements recommend firewalls and encryption at a minimum for basic security protection. With NCC Data, businesses benefit from added layers of defense including:

  • Centralized anti-virus protection
  • Advanced firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • Policy management
  • Vulnerability scanning

IT Security Threats

Increasingly, small businesses are the target of cyber-attacks, as many are doing more and more business online and feature minimal security. As recent as five years ago, small businesses were protected against being unknown entities, according to Symantec, cyberattacks on small businesses rose 300 percent in 2012 from the previous year.

Small businesses can also lead to larger networks, especially if a client is a Fortune 500 company. IT security threats no longer discriminate, company’s small, medium and enterprise require active prevention against security threats, yet they also require a perception change. Critical to protection against security threats start with the organization and its people.

NCC Data often leads security training sessions for clients which reveal password and download weaknesses. Changing the perception of an organization isn’t easy; it requires an open discussion, knowledge of the threats, and policy for enforcement.

Implement NCC’s Network Security Program

NCC Data implements a three layer Network Security Program to protect your business information from external threats. Combined with our popular network monitoring managed service, networks can continue to run smoothly with little internal delay or outside interruption.

All NCC Data engineers are trained to anticipate the variables that can affect your system, such as power outages, consumer demand, human error, or malicious acts. We plan ahead to prevent these issues and minimize the impact on your business.

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