Managed Network Security

Protect & Defend Your IT Networks from Cyber Attacks

Ask any business owner what keeps them awake at night, and one of the answers is most likely IT Network Security. Arranging for Managed Network Security Services through NCC Data is one way to help you rest easy, allowing you to focus on other areas, like growing your company.

The Dallas/Fort Worth based IT Consultants at NCC Data take a three-pronged approach to keeping your business information safely locked inside your world with our NCC Network Security Strategy:

  • Audits/Assessment
  • Requirements
  • Security Threats

The Security Lifecycle

We make it our business to stay ahead of the curve on potential threats to your network security. Understanding your business's position in the security lifecycle allows NCC Data to prepare a customized strategy to ensure your network is secure. Early intervention allows us to be proactive in addressing potential threats to your network.

IT Network Security Lifecycle


NCC's Managed Network Security program offers the benefit of security audits/assessments to identify vulnerabilities in your IT network before they are compromised. With an ever increasing number of IT security breaches, this is now more important than ever. Our assessment can address potential vulnerabilities within applications, communication functions, hardware and operating systems, as well as the network itself. In addition, the NCC IT Network Security Audit searches for vulnerabilities within, including:

  • Trusted sources and internal users
  • Untrusted sources
  • User authentication/permissions vulnerability
  • Viruses introduced via external means


Worldwide Network Security best practices recommend firewalls and encryption. With NCC Data on your side, your business can benefit from added layers of defense including:

  • Centralized anti-virus protection
  • Advanced firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • Policy management
  • Vulnerability scanning

IT Security Threats

Security breaches have become more dangerous. Blended threats, which assume multiple forms and attack systems in many different ways, are on the rise, and businesses that do not address security are vulnerable to attacks that could cause irreparable damage. AMI-Partners industry research shows that nearly half of all small- and medium-sized businesses have not implemented even the most basic security precautions. There is a general misconception that large companies are more likely to be victims of network security attacks. This false sense of security leaves many small- and medium-sized business networks inadequately protected from spyware, viruses, worms, hacker attacks, customer data theft and other security threats.

NCC Data takes a proactive approach to protecting your business information. We are trained to anticipate the variables that can affect your system, such as power outages, consumer demand, human error, or malicious acts. We plan ahead to prevent these issues and minimize their impact on your business.

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