Network Core Design

Computer Network Support for Dallas Businesses

The ‘core’ of a poorly optimized IT network is similar to the growing congestion on Dallas freeways due to ongoing construction. Construction is inevitable, both for Dallas and your network core. Users are constantly being added and upgrades and patches need to be completed, while requirements for performance increase. Key to reducing traffic jams on your network core relies in its initial design, optimizing efficiency, security, and enhancements for years to come. NCC Data provides network consulting for convergence (integration of data, voice and video), designs networks from the ground up, and optimizes poor performing networks.

Network Core Hierarchy

Key to a stable network core is a well-designed hierarchy. Multiple benefits can affect your IT infrastructure including:

  • Simple router configurations
  • Easier troubleshooting
  • Logical gateways for future network improvements
  • Data packet switching to scale
  • VoIP integrations and convergence

Current network hierarchies require constant change to accommodate ongoing construction enhancements as well as convergence with traffic from voice, video on demand, internet data, and TV. The best network core convergence provides a scalable and cost effective distribution.

NCC Data offers computer network support for existing or new networks of any size. Consultants are available on site to build and optimize current network hierarchies into a well performing core.

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