Network Monitoring Solutions

Proactive Computer Network Solutions

Your business becomes more dependent on technology every day, and the task of ensuring your network investment is operating at its full capacity can be a 24 x 7 endeavor. Network downtimes, overloading, and latencies can seriously impede employee productivity and performance.

Delivering quality network performance starts with its design. Whether creating a new network environment from scratch or migrating to a more performance-centric setting, NCC Data’s network solutions offer superior flexibility, scalability, and long term performance.

A team of certified network engineers from NCC Data can audit your current and anticipated network environments recommending a plan for optimization or migration. Following implementation, NCC Data can provide managed IT support through network monitoring or transition control to an internal IT department.

What Is Network Monitoring?

Simply stated, a monitoring solution seeks to track and understand the interactions of hardware, software, and personnel in an enterprise business system.

Who Needs Network Monitoring?

Business processes today are increasingly complex, with hardware and software supporting applications, applications supporting employees, and employees supporting the original hardware and software. This complex ecosystem allows for a diverse range of business models, but it also introduces the potential for inefficiencies.

NCC Data deploys a design and process-centric approach to minimize costs in network monitoring and deliver maximum efficiency in hardware, software, and personnel. It is not uncommon for monitoring solutions to bring a ten-fold return on investment. In an increasingly competitive global market, optimizing existing processes can give your enterprise a much-needed edge.

What Do You Need in a Network Monitoring Solution?

Network monitoring solutions range from individual application monitoring to complete network solutions. Beyond the basics, NCC Data works with small to enterprise businesses to determine the additional and custom components of a network monitoring solution.

Common features every monitoring system should include:

  • Root-cause analysis
  • Base-lining, application availability
  • Application response time, uptime and reliability
  • Single interface to evaluate each of the above metrics

In addition to basic features, the size and complexity of the enterprise will determine whether a large solution or a group of targeted offerings is a better choice of investment.

Ongoing Network Monitoring from NCC Data

Deploying a blend of professional consulting and automated software tools, NCC Data’s engineers deliver 24 x 7 support and optimization of your most critical computer networks. The following can be expected with every NCC Data network monitoring engagement:

  • Constant review of health through remote software including any employee devices and company assets
  • Top down approach to measuring performance at the highest levels first, moving to lower components in the hierarchy for underlying problems. Essentially, treating the disease rather than the symptoms.
  • Improve IT staff efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness by using management tools common across all platforms and applications
  • Mitigate risk and minimize human errors by providing intelligent automation of repetitive tasks and responses
  • Optimize business performance by identifying and reacting to issues before service levels are impacted and by utilizing proactive notification mechanisms
  • Support business priorities by enabling business-driven problem resolution and IT resource allocation
  • Accelerate business growth by utilizing industry-leading solutions that can be integrated with other processes

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Taking a reactive approach to network monitoring invites the most serious of breakdowns when you can least afford them. Paying your IT staff to work overtime on nights and weekends to repair a crashed network can be extremely expensive, but losing productivity can be even more costly. NCC Data’s skilled team of consultants and network engineers can solve your network issues at the source, all to help you pro-actively monitor and maintain predictability.

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