NCC Data’s Outsourced IT Solutions

Flexible, Scalable & Budget Friendly IT Support that’s also Completely Local

Updated: 2/10/2015

NCC Data is a leading, independent provider of fractional and fully outsourced IT professionals for businesses throughout North Texas. When IT performance is truly measured, it often comes down to the team and methodologies that align with industry best practices.

Common Reasons Businesses Outsource IT:

  • IT department lacks experience
  • IT department is understaffed or under performs
  • IT personnel are expensive to hire and retain
  • IT department doesn’t fit into the company culture
  • IT department is remote or outsourced offshore, with poor customer satisfaction and performance

A poorly staffed and unqualified technology team can have a long term impact on the growth of your business, bottom line revenue, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. Outsourcing IT can often save businesses 20% of budget. However, fully outsourcing IT can be a long term commitment and decision. NCC Data also provides fractional IT outsourcing in times of growth, disaster recovery, or simply when an extra hand is needed.

Learn more on why hundreds of businesses trust NCC Data for IT support and discover the difference between an IT provider and a IT outsourcing partner.

Your IT Partner in Dallas, TX

NCC Data works with businesses throughout the DFW Metroplex that are committed to leveraging the full potential of technology and in need of a reliable, dedicated, and local IT partner.

Many clients choose NCC Data, departing from negative experiences at other IT consulting companies. Whether your current IT provider is charging too much, staffing inexperienced engineers, or ignoring your IT needs, consider a company set on changing your experience.

NCC Data ,offers 24/7 network monitoring, the latest in virtualization and cloud computing and a variety of flexible IT solutions that can adapt to your business needs. Choose from flat fee pricing or monthly retainers that allow for predictable and accurate budget forecasts. When moving to NCC Data, you’ll notice an immediate focus on increasing ROI, understanding your business from the inside, anticipating IT demands and innovative, cost-friendly solutions.

Outsourced IT Solutions

Working with a full service IT partner like NCC Data allows for easy outsourcing of simple functions, such as help desk support, with the option to scale and experience positive results in other IT areas including:

  • Complete Managed IT Services & Consulting
  • Fractional Outsourcing
  • Dedicated Microsoft Exchange Hosting
  • Proactive Network Monitoring
  • Email Solutions
  • Fully Managed Servers, including 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Managed Network Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Management
  • Fully Redundant Co-location Environment
  • Vendor Management

This is a sample of the capabilities of our team and processes, for additional insights read on for our managed services, professional services, and cloud computing solutions or contact NCC Data to talk now.